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The Elson Coral E open vented thermal store was revolutionary in its time; providing mains pressure hot water which is heated by electric immersion heaters, the unit was free from building control requirements and could be sited anywhere in the dwelling, it required no annual servicing.

Incoming mains cold water passed through a high-efficiency heat exchanger coil where it was heated by the thermal store and then distributed to all hot water outlets via the thermostatic blending valve. The hot water and mains cold water were mixed at the blending valve to achieve the desired temperature. The temperature could be adjusted by the installer, as required, using the blending valve. The blending valve was fail safe in the event of a mains water supply failure.

The unit was designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency with the thermal store being heated overnight (via the bottom off peak immersion heater) using the low price ‘off-peak’ tariff. The top immersion heater (used for daytime ‘Boost’) was fitted directly underneath the coils allowing for fast recovery during peak electricity periods. This ‘Boost’ heater was user controlled and would be manually operated.

The Elson Coral E has been discontinued and Elson no longer make an equivalent replacement model. The Plumbing Group are able to supply an alternative to the Elson Coral E.

Why Choose Electric?

The UK has favoured Gas over the past 30 years, making Combi Boilers the first choice for most installations, where Gas is available. However with Gas supplies in the North Sea declining and the increase of importing Gas from overseas, future energy requirements will need to be met from a far wider range of resources.

With the increased availability of “Green Energy” from wind farms, solar and wave farms, also the inevitable resurgence of Nuclear Power, will allow designers and specifiers a realistic alternative to traditional gas fired solutions. Fully controllable electric thermal stores providing heating and hot water solutions offering high efficiency and  high performance are available from The Plumbing Group, delivering clean and affordable hot water and heating throughout your home.

Electric water heating cylinders are simple and easy to install, they provide the ideal solution for new apartments or conversions, with no unsightly flues, plumbing, and gas pipework or pressure and expansion relief discharge pipework.

We have developed a range of products that can be used to replace the old Elson Coral range, on a like for like basis. We have created an extensive range of packaged solutions of thermal stores which are open vented.

The Plumbing Group offer technical advice and support, commissioning on site and a national network of field service engineers.

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